Manor Monday week 1

Welcome back to The Manor!

Every Monday, Co-Founder Andy “Shaggy” Korty will present “The Manor” right here at Empire Comics Lab! Jump right into “The Manor” from the very beginning! And if you just can’t wait to see what happens, Shaggy’s first 3 Manor books are for sale at our store.

New Sketches from Robert Gant’s Discount Wands and Spells.

How lucky are we?

Josef from Discount Wands and Spells
Kinz from Discount Wands and Spells

Thank you for sharing your sketches, Mr. Gant!

ECL carried Rob Gant’s Discount Wands and Spells a few years ago and it was brilliant! It was a tremendous pleasure to present these comics weekly – yeah, a page a week – to all of you.

We’re not doing weeklies anymore. What are you, nuts?


We were so happy to see more Discount Wands and Spells that we swiped these images from Rob’s Instagram and put ‘me up right here!

Ooooo! Are we getting an Orc??

Looks like he’s planning something…

Bill the Frog from Discount Wands and Spells

Wanna read the original story?

Do ya?

We do, too.


… read his OTHER brilliant comic BLUE COLLAR INVASION!

I mean, how gorgeous is this?

We really need to get a profile on Mr. Gant put together for you. His was the first story to appear in Cemetery Plots #1. How about that?

Thanks again, Rob! Can’t wait to see more Discount Wands and Spells!

Pointing to the Future

Hi, everyone. This is Dave, EiC, Publisher, and Co-Founder of Empire Comics Lab. I write most of these posts and have since 2014. Doing so has been a great pleasure in my life but… recently, our site crashed and (due to my own ridiculousness) we lost absolutely everything we’ve posted for the last 5 years.

It was heartbreaking.

I had gotten so used to being mobile, being able to post on the fly, from my phone, from ANYWHERE, that I just didn’t back things up properly. Ugh.

Since that time, I’ve rebuilt the site, rebuilt the store, and began working on new projects for The Lab but… it’s been difficult. When I come back to the site, I remember everything that was lost and it’s hard to attack it with the same fervor.

But, you know what? That’s just selfish.

The Lab has been so amazingly fortunate to be associated with such incredible talent and they deserve better! Creators like, Roger Mckenzie, Paul Tuma, Gary O’Donnell, Dave Noe, Barbara Kaalberg, Alexter Albury, Eric Bowen, Robert Gant, Rodney Bennett, Dan Gorman… my gosh, I could go on and on! Not to mention co-founders, Dan Johnson and Andy “Shaggy” Korty, who pour their guts into our fine funnybooks!

Well, I’m going to step it up. We’ve got some EPIC books planned and you are going to want to hear about it! New characters, new directions, and old favorites. They’re all coming and we are REACHING for the STRATOSPHERE!

Follow us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Follow us on Instagram. Bookmark this page because BIG THINGS ARE COMING!

Thanks to you, our wonderful fans who have followed us through the years and enjoyed our books. We make the books WE want to read and we’re delighted to find people who are just as nuts!

We love you all!