Thankful for Josh Gillam!

We love comic books but we also love comic STRIPS!  ECL trys to provide you, our ever-faithful reader, with original content that you can enjoy at your leisure.  That’s why, today, we are thanking Josh Gillam!

There’s Jon Bernthal, The Punisher himself, with ECL scribe and Cynical Stew creator, Josh Gillam!

Josh had been working on Cynical Stew for some time before joining us and he brought all his comic goodness with him!  Cynical Stew is unique in that it involves an ever changing roster of artists.  Josh diligently writes the funny and then finds others to draw his vision.  This keeps Cynical Stew fresh and always entertaining!  Josh also brings in his daughter, Zooey, to fill in from time to time.  You haven’t read comic strips until you’ve read them from a kid’s perspective.

Along with his writing his strip, Josh travels to conventions and helps get the ECL word out there.  We love Josh so much that we asked him to join our merry band of editors and he is now helping to shape the future of Empire Comics Lab!

Thank you, Josh, for your enthusiasm, hard work, and your voice.  We wouldn’t be the same without you, sir!

Do yourself a favor and check out Josh’s Cynical Stew!