Empire Comics Lab Celebrates Free Comic Day!

Everyone here at the Empire Comics Lab is super excited about Free Comic Book Day, which will be Saturday, May 7, 2016. As you can probably tell, all of the editorial staff, writers and artists at the ECL love comic books. While we can’t wait to get our hands on all the awesome books that will be offered this year, we believe it is just as important to give as it is to receive. That is why Empire Comics Lab is proud to announce that we will be offering not one, but TWO free Cemetery Plots stories during this year’s Free Comic Book Weekend.

Our first story is a terror tale with a lot of a bite that will chill your blood. And that’s A-OK because the star of this story hates warm drinks. Cuddle up with someone you wouldn’t mind necking with for the vampire story, “Red Need,” with script by Lou Mougin, art by Andy “Shaggy” Korty and lettering by Brandon Bullock.

A page from "Red Need,” with script by Lou Mougin, art by Andy “Shaggy” Korty and lettering by Brandon Bullock.
A page from “Red Need,” with script by Lou Mougin, art by Andy “Shaggy” Korty and lettering by Brandon Bullock.

We also have a story about a door-to-door life insurance salesman who ends up visiting the wrong house. He had better hope his own policy is paid up after he encounters the devilish brood at this residence. Heed the warning signs! “No Solicitors” is a killer prose story by Larry Underwood, aka Dr. Gangrene, with illustrations by Andy “Shaggy” Korty.

Larry Underwood as Dr. Gangrene
Larry Underwood as Dr. Gangrene

Both stories will be available as free downloads at the Empire Comics Lab website at http://empirecomicslab.com/ starting at midnight on Friday, May 6, 2016 and throughout the weekend. Also, as an incentive to get our friends, families and fans to spread the word, we will be holding a special contest throughout the weekend.

If you share the link to our Free Comic Book Day offerings on Facebook and tag Cemetery Plots editor Dan Johnson in the post, you will be entered into a special drawing to have your name featured on one of three tombstones in Cemetery Plots #3. Along with your Graveyard Shout-Out, you will also get a complimentary copy of the issue featuring your tombstone. This is normally a $15 value, but this is your chance to win this honor for FREE. And what the heck, Dan will even sign your comic book. But remember, you must post our link during Free Comic Book Weekend and you must tag Dan Johnson in the post to be eligible for the drawing.


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Cemetery Plots #2 will be here soon!

Things have been busy here in the Lab. Editor, Dan Johnson has coerced our amazing creators into producing the second issue of Cemetery Plots! He barely had to threaten them! Featuring work by Gary O’Donnell, Barbara Johnson Kaalberg, Marvin Mann, Larry Underwood, Andy “Shaggy” Korty, Brandon Bullock, the aforementioned Dan Johnson…

… and introducing Roger McKenzie!

What? What do you mean, “he wrote for Daredevil and Captain America”? Plus “Charlton Neo”? What’s he doing here?? Someone should warn this poor guy.

We are so excited to feature a cover by the legendary Paul Tuma from Heroic Publishing, Now Comics and Cracked Magazine! (again, he knows who we are, right?)


Mail and… NEWS!!

For those of you waiting on Cemetery Plots #1, they are sent!!! That was entirely our Editor in Chief’s fault, wait, that’s me!  So, it was my fault and there was a big pile of packages waiting on me at the post office.  Every book has been repackaged and sent.  Thank you for your patience.  Pardon our growing pains.

Speaking of Cemetery Plots…

Cemetery Plots #1 is nearly sold out! Thank you so much for all your support!
Proud to announce our next comic anthology. We’re shifting gears and doing all out action!! ACTIONTHOLOGY! will be available this Fall! act-logo 

Mail Trouble

OK, everyone.  If you ordered a physical comic, it will be shipped (again) tomorrow afternoon.

We’ve gotten a few messages stating that our comics haven’t been received yet so, I went to the post office and, guess what I found?  A whole pile of our packages!  They are being repackaged and sent back out.

So sorry for the delay.  Entirely user error:)

The Lab enters the Kreepy Kastle!

Tonight, Editor in Chief Dave Hearn and Editor of Cemetery Plots #1 Dan Johnson, will appear on Kreepy Castle Radio to talk about comics, horror and who knows!  

About Kreepy Kastle: “Halloween Jack and Dale Kay invite you to discuss all things Horror and Horror Hosting. Come into The Kreepy Kastle. Dale Kay is the host of Spookshow and Halloween Jack is the Host of The Haunted Theatre.”

The show starts at 6:30 pm EST.  

Lost in S.P.A.C.E.

Empire Comics Lab went to our first convention last weekend.  SPACE, Small Press Alternative Comics Expo, was held in Columbus, Ohio and was a terrific success!  We sold some comics, made a few fans, and got to meet a whole lot of awesome people!!  Can’t wait until next year!

space1Rob Gant, writer/artist of Chomp in Cemetery Plots was hard at work on “Create a Monster”.  Visitors would fill out a form describing their monster and, for 5 bucks, Rob would create it!

space2Here’s the view from our side of the table.

Great show, great conversations, great friends!  Looking forward to 2016!

Praise for Cemetery Plots #1

OK, we’re going to gush for a bit.  Roger McKenzie, Managing Editor of Charlton Neo Comics, former writer of Captain America, Daredevil… you know what, look him up here if you have a spare hour.  His credits are voluminous!!  

Roger was kind enough to read Cemetery Plots #1 (we didn’t even have to threaten him) and graciously wrote this statement:

“While not as “slick” as a Marvel or DC comic, Cemetery Plots is obviously a labor of love. It’s also something else that (at least for me) Marvel and DC books aren’t: Fun.”- Roger McKenzie

Thank you, sir!!  

Now, after you buy multiple copies of Cemetery Plots, head over to Charlton Neo and give them your hard earned cash.  Fantastic comics!!