Empire Comics Lab Presents Hip Hop

Empire Comics Lab shows you the bunny with Hip Hop, a new funny animal strip by Dan Johnson and Will Boyer. Hip Hop is a young rabbit who is on his own for the first time in the land of Hollywood. He is looking to make all his dreams come true as he tries to break into show business. His first day on the West Coast, Hip Hop manages to land an agent, Shellman, the fastest talking turtle in California, and makes his first friend, Maxie, a writer who is a genius at reworking other people’s scripts, but terrible at coming up with his own ideas.

Hip Hop’s adventures are just beginning and he has some crazy times ahead of him. After all, show business is full of characters, and Hip Hop promises to deliver them, in spades, every Monday. You can read each new installment, in full color provided by Kevin Halter, at EmpireComicsLab.com.image


Cemetery Plots #3???

From the desk of Dan Johnson, editor of Cemetery Plots:

“Issue Two of Cemetery Plots is almost done and already plans for Issue Three are coming together. All the stories are approved and we even have (almost) finished artwork coming in.

One of the stories we are very proud to offer in this upcoming issue is a little nighttime nightmare called “Bed Crumbs” by Alexter Albury. This story will feature the Cemetery Plots debut of artist Brian Postman, who has worked on Spider-Woman and Captain America, and who is now working on The Creeps horror magazine. Al and Brian make a great team and we’ll have to get them to collaborate together again real soon.”




Introducing Josh Gillam’s “Cynical Stew”

We are incredibly proud and honored to welcome Josh Gillam’s strip, Cynical Stew to the Empire Comics Lab family!


I’ll let Josh introduce himself:

“Welcome to Cynical Stew! This is a comic strip I created a few years ago that was loosely based off of me. The main character is Stu, a sarcastic and cynical fellow. The strip also features Stu’s wife and daughter. I was unable to find an artist to commit full time to the project, so I went a different route. I decided it would be fun to do a comic strip that was drawn by multiple artists. I had the same characters and themes, but a variety of artistic styles. The artists I pitched the idea to were all on board and Cynical Stew was born. Fellow creator Andy “Shaggy” Korty helped me out with some character designs and came up with the iconic smiley face on Stu’s hat. The idea of the smiley face changing its expression to match Stu’s became a big hit with both the artists and fans. The comic strip was a lot of fun to produce, unfortunately, it became difficult to keep up with and I had to put it on a hiatus. After I started writing for Empire Comics Lab I pitched the idea to the editor-in-chief of bringing Cynical Stew over and having the strip run on their website. They loved the idea and we started working on a relaunch of Cynical Stew. Now we have officially kicked off the relaunch and will be re-releasing all of the original content and are working on some brand new stuff as well. So be sure to check out www.empirecomicslab.com every Friday to check out the latest Cynical Stew!”

FYI, today is Josh’s birthday!  Give him some love, everyone!

FCBD 2016

Free Comic Book Day 2016 is now behind us and the offer for the free digital copy of Cemetery Plots #1.5 is over.

Thank you all so much for joining us in our very first FCBD giveaway!  Can’t wait to do it again next year.

If you missed our freebie, have no fear!  The story in CP 1.5 will be appearing in Cemetery Plots #2 arriving soon at a graveyard near you!!