New Sketches from Robert Gant’s Discount Wands and Spells.

How lucky are we?

Josef from Discount Wands and Spells
Kinz from Discount Wands and Spells

Thank you for sharing your sketches, Mr. Gant!

ECL carried Rob Gant’s Discount Wands and Spells a few years ago and it was brilliant! It was a tremendous pleasure to present these comics weekly – yeah, a page a week – to all of you.

We’re not doing weeklies anymore. What are you, nuts?


We were so happy to see more Discount Wands and Spells that we swiped these images from Rob’s Instagram and put ‘me up right here!

Ooooo! Are we getting an Orc??

Looks like he’s planning something…

Bill the Frog from Discount Wands and Spells

Wanna read the original story?

Do ya?

We do, too.


… read his OTHER brilliant comic BLUE COLLAR INVASION!

I mean, how gorgeous is this?

We really need to get a profile on Mr. Gant put together for you. His was the first story to appear in Cemetery Plots #1. How about that?

Thanks again, Rob! Can’t wait to see more Discount Wands and Spells!

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