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Hello. My name is Dan Johnson and I am one of the co-founders of Empire Comics Lab. We are an indie comics company that publishes two comics, a horror anthology called Cemetery Plots, and an action-adventure anthology called Actionthology.

Like many of you in the comics business, we are weathering the current crisis caused by Covid-19. This virus has impacted our lives greatly as many of our editorial staff, writers and artists are in states that have Stay Home or Shelter in Place laws in effect. While this has changed how we live our daily lives, Covid-19 has not changed our love for comics. Indeed, many of our creative staff are working on new stories while they are at home. When this crisis is over, we plan to hit the ground running with all new stories for our fans.

While our love for comics has not changed, Covid-19 has impacted our industry greatly. Right now, there are many shops across the country that have had to shut their doors as they are deemed nonessential businesses by their communities. But, there are still some shops open that are in small towns where Stay Home and Shelter in Place have not been activated yet. These comic book shops are struggling right now to stay open without any new product on their shelves because Diamond Distribution has shut down their operations and the printing companies that produce comics are closed.

To these shops that are looking for books to offer their customers, Empire Comics Lab is here to help. We have three issues of Cemetery Plots, one issue of Actionthology and three volumes of Andy “Shaggy” Korty’s The Manor available to ship immediately. Our floppy comics are only $1.50 each and copies of The Manor are only $5.00 each. If you will contact me at danielbryanjohnson@hotmail.com, I can send you digital samples of our books to look over and see if we would be a good fit for your shop. I can also help you reach out to other indie comic book publishers who can help you put new product on your shelf at this time.

Likewise, once the restrictions are lifted in the larger states and cities, comic book shops in those areas will need new product as well. Contact me and we will see about having brand new titles on your shelves the day your doors reopen.

Empire Comics Lab has always been committed to bringing our readers the best comics for their money. Now, we are just as committed as helping our friends in the comic book shop community in their time of need.

Best Regards to you all.

Dan Johnson
Empire Comics Lab

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