Praise for Cemetery Plots #1

OK, we’re going to gush for a bit.  Roger McKenzie, Managing Editor of Charlton Neo Comics, former writer of Captain America, Daredevil… you know what, look him up here if you have a spare hour.  His credits are voluminous!!  

Roger was kind enough to read Cemetery Plots #1 (we didn’t even have to threaten him) and graciously wrote this statement:

“While not as “slick” as a Marvel or DC comic, Cemetery Plots is obviously a labor of love. It’s also something else that (at least for me) Marvel and DC books aren’t: Fun.”- Roger McKenzie

Thank you, sir!!  

Now, after you buy multiple copies of Cemetery Plots, head over to Charlton Neo and give them your hard earned cash.  Fantastic comics!!

Cemetery Plots #1 – Cover Pencils by Rodney Bennett

After many months of sweat and hard work, Cemetery Plots #1 goes to press on Friday!

We are beyond fortunate to feature a cover penciled by the amazing Rodney Bennett.  When Rodney isn’t working conventions, he’s creating some incredible comics for Charlton Neo.  You can check out his creator-owned work at