Thankful for Josh Gillam!

We love comic books but we also love comic STRIPS!  ECL trys to provide you, our ever-faithful reader, with original content that you can enjoy at your leisure.  That’s why, today, we are thanking Josh Gillam!

There’s Jon Bernthal, The Punisher himself, with ECL scribe and Cynical Stew creator, Josh Gillam!

Josh had been working on Cynical Stew for some time before joining us and he brought all his comic goodness with him!  Cynical Stew is unique in that it involves an ever changing roster of artists.  Josh diligently writes the funny and then finds others to draw his vision.  This keeps Cynical Stew fresh and always entertaining!  Josh also brings in his daughter, Zooey, to fill in from time to time.  You haven’t read comic strips until you’ve read them from a kid’s perspective.

Along with his writing his strip, Josh travels to conventions and helps get the ECL word out there.  We love Josh so much that we asked him to join our merry band of editors and he is now helping to shape the future of Empire Comics Lab!

Thank you, Josh, for your enthusiasm, hard work, and your voice.  We wouldn’t be the same without you, sir!

Do yourself a favor and check out Josh’s Cynical Stew!

Thankful for Jennifer King!

We’re fortunate that we have so many people to thank!  Today, we want to give kudos to a person whom we count on for so much, who makes sure that the stories we tell make sense and, without whom, we would be lost: Jennifer King!


An editor’s job is never glamorous but Jen brings the glam every time!  After a writer turns in a script, it goes to Jen for proofreading but she always provides so much more.  We count on Jen to ensure that the story has internal logic, that the transitions are natural, and the dialogue is believable.  Her insights have saved us many times and every story she’s touched has been improved.  Jen never changes a story, she knows how to walk that delicate balance between tweaking and rewriting.  Her hand is invisible but powerful.

Not only does Jen provide ECL with her editorial skills, she’s also an assistant editor for our good friends at Charlton Neo(That’s right, we’ll shill for them because they are AWESOME!)

We could not ask for a better editor, friend, and partner.  Thank you, Jen, for everything!

Jen’s hand has been in all of these books!

Cemetery Plots #1

Cemetery Plots #1.5

Cemetery Plots #2


Thankful for Andy “Shaggy” Korty!

ECL’s thankfulness for our creators continues with an individual so central to everything we do that we would fall apart without him: Andy “Shaggy” Korty!

What DOESN’T Andy do?  Andy was here before nearly all of us, recruited for his knowledge of indy comics.  For years now, Andy has self-published The Manor, a kooky, creepy, hilarious comic that makes horror fun!  He’s inked so many of our stories that we’ve lost count, he was the penciler and inker for the entirety of Cemetery Plots #1.5, he has drawn more strips in Josh Gillam’s Cynical Stew than any other artist, AND he lays out every ECL comic to prepare for the printer!

He does it ALL!

Not only is Andy one of our most hard-working creators behind the scenes, but he maintains an outrageous convention schedule every year, spreading the ECL word to comic fans far and wide!

We would be nowhere without Andy.  A simple “thank you” doesn’t nearly convey our gratitude.

Here are some links to Andy’s work:

Cemetery Plots #1

Cemetery Plots #1.5

Cemetery Plots #2


The Manor

Cynical Stew



Thankful for Dan Johnson!

Welcome back to real life, everyone!  To keep with our continuing effort to give thanks to all who have made Empire Comics Lab possible, we would be remiss if we didn’t yell “Thank you” to the heavens for Dan Johnson!

Dan Johnson IS D.O. Mann!

We would still be a directionless group on Facebook without Dan Johnson.  Dan organized our first comic, Cemetery Plots, and has been the reigning force behind that comic ever since.  He and Steve Casper designed D.O. Mann, Cemetery Plots’ horror host, and he speaks with Dan’s voice.  Dan was our first Editor-in-Chief and is responsible for recruiting most of our talent.  His hand has been in everything we do and we are all the better for it.

Dan has been our voice at many conventions, podcasts, and classrooms.  As a writer, his stories are usually the backbone of every comic we publish.  If you’ve enjoyed or comics, you’ve enjoyed Dan’s work.

We cannot thank him enough.  It will never be enough.  We owe him too much.  Thank you, Dan, for everything!

You can find Dan’s incredible work below:

Cemetery Plots #1

Cemetery Plots #2

Hip Hop

Thankful for Alexter Albury!

ECL is so fortunate to have creators with such a wide array of talents and Alexter Albury stands at the head of the pack!

Al was one of the first to come aboard this ride and he has been producing amazing stuff since day one!  Not only did he write a tremendous werewolf yarn in Cemetery Plots #1 but he wrote and penciled his own creation, “Death Mask” soon to appear in ACTIONTHOLOGY! #1!  See what we mean?  This guy does it all!

On top of writing for us, Al is an author in his own right.  He’s written and published several books and you can find them all on his website:

Thanks, Al, for all you’ve done!

You can find Al’s ECL work below:

Cemetery Plots #1


Thankful for Eric Bowen!

I don’t know about you, but we’re stuffed!  Continuing this season of thankfulness, ECL wants to show our appreciation for an artist who gave this fledgling comic company our identity: Eric Bowen!!

See that?  That is ALL Eric!

Eric is another artist who’s been with us since the beginning.  Not long after we decided on our name, Eric kindly offered his skills as a graphic artist to create a logo.  The “Storm Gauntlet” holding a beaker was all Eric’s idea and he crafted it beautifully!!  Not only did he create our logo, but he’s also designed the titles for “Cemetery Plots”, “ACTIONTHOLOGY!” and “Doctor Seven”.  It would be fair to say, without Eric, our comics wouldn’t exist.

On top of all that, Eric is an AMAZING penciler!  The character above is “Muzzle”, Eric’s own creation and will be introduced in ACTIONTHOLOGY! #1.  His work was also in our very first issue of Cemetery Plots!  We’re after Eric for more stuff but he has his plate full with work from our friends at Lucky Comics and InDELLible.  One day, we’ll be able to say “we knew him back in the day…”

Thanks, Eric!  Your friendship and enthusiasm keep us going!!

You can find his work right here:

Cemetery Plots #1


Thankful for Gary O’Donnell!

Happy Thanksgiving!  ECL hopes you’re spending time with people you love.  Here at The Lab, we love our creators and, today, we want to bring you one of the most talented, twisted, and AMAZING artists with which we’ve had the pleasure of working;  Gary O’Donnell!

Seriously.  Just freaking look at that!

Gary has been with us since BEFORE day 1!  To say he’s been instrumental in our creation is to way undersell what he’s given us.  Not only did he pencil two stories in Cemetery Plots #1, his work has appeared in CP #2 and the upcoming ACTIONTHOLOGY!  Speaking of Cemetery Plots #2, we were able to pair Gary with veteran writer, nay COMICS LEGEND, Roger McKenzie!  Seeing the two of them work together was just magic.

Gary’s frentic style is a mix between R. Crumb and (the late) Bernie Wrightson.  We don’t know what it’s like in Gary’s head but, if it’s anything like his art, we’re better off on the outside!

Pick up any of our books and take a look at one of the best indy artists working today!  Gary, we love you!

Cemetery Plots #1

Cemetery Plots #2


Gary’s on Instagram at

Thankful for Robert Gant!

Happy Thanksgiving, Lab Assistants!!

This season we’re thankful for so much; ECL turns 5 in 2018, we have a new book about to hit the stands, and we have SO MUCH in the works!

But mostly, we are thankful for our creators.  Through this Thanksgiving weekend we want to put a spotlight on a few of our amazing friends.

Let’s start with Rob Gant!

Rob has been with us since our first comic, Cemetery Plots #1, where he provided the very first story, laid out/colored the cover, and traveled to conventions selling the thing!  Rob also spent the better part of last year producing TWO weekly comics!  His work has helped give us an identity and his enthusiasm keeps us sane!  Thanks, Rob!

Do yourself a favor and check out his comics:

Discount Wands and Spells

Blue Collar Invasion

You can also find him on Instagram at