Yes, kids! That is right! Empire Comics Lab is teaming up with the Man of Tomorrow, but not the way you might think.

Empire Comics Lab is going to be in Superman’s hometown, Metropolis, IL! This coming weekend, June 7-10, the small town with claims to the world’s biggest hero is hosting the 40th Annual Superman Celebration! On hand will be special guest Brian K. Morris, a good friend to Empire Comics Lab and a man who has written a story for Cemetery Plots #4! Brian will have copies of his books for sale in Artists Alley, which is beside the Noel Neill Statue at 8th and Market, including his latest creations, The Haunting Scripts of Bachelors Grove and Quest for the Space Gods.

Joining Brian at his table will be Empire Comics Lab’s very own Andy “Shaggy” Korty. Andy will have copies of Cemetery Plots #1 and #2, Actionthology #1 and trade editions of The Manor for sale. Trust us, both these guys are offering up SUPER reading at a SUPER event, and you going by and saying hi to them would just be…well…really nice.

So, look for Andy, who will be wearing the purple dress shirt, and Brian, who will be wearing the rainbow tie (also, Brian may have his fez too). And for more information about the 40th Annual Superman Celebration, check out www.supermancelebration.com!