All-American Girl


The Mighty Mads of Empire Comics Lab have been hard at working creating a brand-new universe of
superheroes and villains! And now, we proudly present our own star-spangled beauty, All-American Girl!

Isabella “Izzy” Gomez was just your average nineteen-year-old, busy with school, her first job and making it on her own. Then her brother, Carlos, returned home from a tour of duty in the Middle East after losing both legs. And now big brother is ready to share a startling truth with his sister.

In 1991, Izzy and Carlos’ father was part of an experiment in the Gulf War to create enhanced soldiers for combat. The project was deemed a failure until it was discovered Carlos had gained the enhanced strength, agility, speed, senses and reflexes intended for his father. Unable to continue as America’s secret weapon due to his injury in the line of duty, it falls to Izzy to tap the hero inside and become the champion destiny always meant her to be.

But even as Izzy takes the place of her brother, dangers neither of them could ever imagine are just around corner. Also, the quest for truth, justice and American way aren’t as clear cut in the 21st century, but standing up for the little guy is always in fashion when you’re the…All-American Girl!

Author: Dave Hearn

Editor in Chief Empire Comics Lab