Thankful for Paul Tuma!

This is the season of giving and we want to give thanks to the creators who have made Empire Comics Lab possible.  Today, we give thanks to an illustrator that carries with him such enthusiasm, it’s difficult to keep up: Paul Tuma!

Paul artistic pedigree is extensive.  He hails from the Big Two and Cracked Magazine!  We were fortunate enough to meet up through social media and he was kind enough to create the cover to Cemetery Plots #2!!  Not only were we completely blown away with his cover, he’s even expressed interest in doing more!  Look for his incredible work on an upcoming ACTIONTHOLOGY! cover!

Paul has been busy putting together some self-published comics and, when he’s ready, we’ll be happy to support him by letting YOU know how to find them!  This man is a class act and we are behind him 100%

Thanks, Paul!  Here’s to many more years of collaboration!

Click below to check out’s Paul’s AMAZING cover to CP #2:

Cemetery Plots #2

Author: Dave Hearn

Editor in Chief Empire Comics Lab