Thankful for Robert Gant!

Happy Thanksgiving, Lab Assistants!!

This season we’re thankful for so much; ECL turns 5 in 2018, we have a new book about to hit the stands, and we have SO MUCH in the works!

But mostly, we are thankful for our creators.  Through this Thanksgiving weekend we want to put a spotlight on a few of our amazing friends.

Let’s start with Rob Gant!

Rob has been with us since our first comic, Cemetery Plots #1, where he provided the very first story, laid out/colored the cover, and traveled to conventions selling the thing!  Rob also spent the better part of last year producing TWO weekly comics!  His work has helped give us an identity and his enthusiasm keeps us sane!  Thanks, Rob!

Do yourself a favor and check out his comics:

Discount Wands and Spells

Blue Collar Invasion

You can also find him on Instagram at

Author: Dave Hearn

Editor in Chief Empire Comics Lab