Thankful for Jennifer King!

We’re fortunate that we have so many people to thank!  Today, we want to give kudos to a person whom we count on for so much, who makes sure that the stories we tell make sense and, without whom, we would be lost: Jennifer King!


An editor’s job is never glamorous but Jen brings the glam every time!  After a writer turns in a script, it goes to Jen for proofreading but she always provides so much more.  We count on Jen to ensure that the story has internal logic, that the transitions are natural, and the dialogue is believable.  Her insights have saved us many times and every story she’s touched has been improved.  Jen never changes a story, she knows how to walk that delicate balance between tweaking and rewriting.  Her hand is invisible but powerful.

Not only does Jen provide ECL with her editorial skills, she’s also an assistant editor for our good friends at Charlton Neo(That’s right, we’ll shill for them because they are AWESOME!)

We could not ask for a better editor, friend, and partner.  Thank you, Jen, for everything!

Jen’s hand has been in all of these books!

Cemetery Plots #1

Cemetery Plots #1.5

Cemetery Plots #2


Author: Dave Hearn

Editor in Chief Empire Comics Lab