Thankful for Gary O’Donnell!

Happy Thanksgiving!  ECL hopes you’re spending time with people you love.  Here at The Lab, we love our creators and, today, we want to bring you one of the most talented, twisted, and AMAZING artists with which we’ve had the pleasure of working;  Gary O’Donnell!

Seriously.  Just freaking look at that!

Gary has been with us since BEFORE day 1!  To say he’s been instrumental in our creation is to way undersell what he’s given us.  Not only did he pencil two stories in Cemetery Plots #1, his work has appeared in CP #2 and the upcoming ACTIONTHOLOGY!  Speaking of Cemetery Plots #2, we were able to pair Gary with veteran writer, nay COMICS LEGEND, Roger McKenzie!  Seeing the two of them work together was just magic.

Gary’s frentic style is a mix between R. Crumb and (the late) Bernie Wrightson.  We don’t know what it’s like in Gary’s head but, if it’s anything like his art, we’re better off on the outside!

Pick up any of our books and take a look at one of the best indy artists working today!  Gary, we love you!

Cemetery Plots #1

Cemetery Plots #2


Gary’s on Instagram at

Author: Dave Hearn

Editor in Chief Empire Comics Lab