Thankful for Alexter Albury!

ECL is so fortunate to have creators with such a wide array of talents and Alexter Albury stands at the head of the pack!

Al was one of the first to come aboard this ride and he has been producing amazing stuff since day one!  Not only did he write a tremendous werewolf yarn in Cemetery Plots #1 but he wrote and penciled his own creation, “Death Mask” soon to appear in ACTIONTHOLOGY! #1!  See what we mean?  This guy does it all!

On top of writing for us, Al is an author in his own right.  He’s written and published several books and you can find them all on his website:

Thanks, Al, for all you’ve done!

You can find Al’s ECL work below:

Cemetery Plots #1


Author: Dave Hearn

Editor in Chief Empire Comics Lab